MenuHighlighter adds a highlight to the link of your header block that corresponds to the page that the user is currently on.

What It Looks Like

How To Use It

In your site settings Code Inside Footer section, put the following code:

<script src="">

How to Customize It

Add the following before the <script src=> tag:

const MenuHighlighter = {backgroundColor: "#FF0000"};

What It Does

It looks for an <nav> element in the DOM, and then makes a list of all the <a> elements underneath the <nav> element. For each <a>, it checks to see if the slug of the current page starts with the href attribute of the link. When it finds one that does, that means it has found the link corresponding to the current page, and it sets the <a>'s background color to the specified color. In its search for <a> tags, it skips the home page.

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