SampleSiteBeforeSignup lets you make your site available for "sampling" some number of pages before making the user sign up in order to keep using it.

How To Use It

In your site settings Code Inside Header section, put the following code:

<script src="">

Or, if you want the counter of allowed page views to only be used on certain pages, you can put the above code into just the Code Inside Header section of one or more individual pages.

How to Customize It

Add the following before the <script src=> tag:

const SampleSiteBeforeSignup = {
    maxPageViewsBeforeSignUp: 5,    // number of pages the user is allowed to visit before being asked to sign up
    signUpSlug: '/register',        // slug of the page where your user can sign up
    signInSlug: '/signin',          // slug of the page where your user can sign in
    cookieName: 'pageViews'         // name of the cookie that keeps track of the number of visits

What It Does

Every time a non-logged-in user visits your site on a page other than your sign-up or sign-in page, a counter stored in a cookie is incremented. When the counter gets to the limit, then instead of loading the page the user wanted to go to, the page that loads is the sign-up page.

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